Monday, December 10, 2012

Pause for Eight Observations: Anxieties, Obsessions

Observation #1 - Every time a new bread is attempted, assume it will fail. When it turns out well, feel so surprised.

Observation #2 - Still fear that each attempt will meet with failure, but care somewhat less that it will. Anxiety is being replaced with wonder that such loveliness is being created in my kitchen.

Observation #3 - Really love that one is not even supposed to clean the baking stone or the la cloche, merely wiping down or getting stuck bits off with a knife. Who said that primitive people were not advanced?

Observation #4 - Now that bread number five has been made about seven times, enjoying the utter joy of the sight of the beautiful bread and the sweet sound of the crackling as it comes out of the oven. The crackling can only be appreciated because of the lack noise. It is the sound of an empty nest.

Bread Number Five dough rising in a pretty bowl. Notice the places where it seems like the dough is being inflated and stretched. 

Observation #5 - Buying books on bread baking can be dangerous, causing one to lose sleep by staying up late into the night reading about recipes, techniques and crazy people who eschew commercial yeast and grind their own flours.

Observation #6 - May well be turning into crazy person mentioned above.

Observation #7 - In addition to the names of 10 bread books jotted down, the many websites, videos and discussion forums available render it possible to become and stay obsessed.

Observation #8 - Wish list blossoms as does realization that incredible breads are being produced without the items appearing on the list.

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