Thursday, December 20, 2012

Why 108?

108 is a multiple of 18, with both personal significance and importance in Judaism because it means life.

108 is an important number in Eastern religions, the true source of information being the wikipedia page about 108, at least for someone with extremely scant knowledge. 

108 even has a special place in math, for a few reasons (yes, also learned about this on the aforementioned wikipedia page), not the least of which is that it equals (1 x 1) (2 x 2) (3 x 3 x 3).

  1. Remember those math rules about order of operations when there are parentheses. Inside out.
  2. Would have used proper exponential symbols, but they are unavailable on this blogging platform.

A major league baseball has 108 stitches. Might as well read that wikipedia page about 108 because there's more. One could say that I am just a late arrival to the 108 bandwagon.

Size matters

So be it. I also like 108 because it is a large number, at least in terms of making breads. It is a number big enough that I will not be completing my project within the year - it is more than two breads per week; it's timeline is then uncertain, and not rushed. 

This is about leaving one's comfort zone and discovering new methods, new recipes, new tastes, and purchasing new books and some kitchen doodads. 

This is about delving deeply into one ordinary part of life.

108 is a goal that I would never reach had I not chosen a number.

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