Sunday, December 8, 2013

Where is bread number #39?

Missing, but not lost

A post about bread #39 will appear. There were some mishaps, including failure to weigh all ingredients and some extra water somehow making its way into the dough. Could have had something to do with the sleepy-eyed baker who was mixing the sponge into the dough at 6 a.m. last Sunday morning.

A do over will occur.

No grocery shopping in Washington
I ran out out of spelt flour, so the do over was not happening today. No shopping for the flour was going to take place due to a wintry mix falling from the sky, or rather to fall sometime this afternoon or evening. Those of us who live in the Washington, DC, area are weather wimps. When I called to cancel an appointment to have coffee this morning with a friend, even though not a flake had fallen or was to fall for a couple of hours, she not only understood, but she had not ventured out for her morning exercise class. A few more flakes or the predicted ice coming and schools and offices will be closed for tomorrow.

I love this about DC. We are are an area with high powered, ambitious (obnoxiously so) souls (not me, but others) and yet some snow or ice comes our way and everything stops, neighbors get together, power lines fall and power goes out. We turn into a set of slow, 19th century villages. It's nice to have a few extra days at home every winter. If the power is on I work and if it isn't we pretend to be Victorians and drink tea to stay warm under multiple layers.

Bread #39? Maybe next weekend, maybe not. 

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